SHOJIN RYORI – Third Section

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Hiroko's Blog

Shojin Ryori: Third Section

Thank you for continuing to the third section.

Last couple or pair who occupies the last double occupancy spot in my November Kyushu tour, 2018, will experience this very special cuisine and philosophy!

When I was brought up – not at all in a monastery – these five teachings were a part of my family’s life, and the lives of everyone we knew. We had no choice as to what we were served at our table. Our mothers prepared meals using ingredients that were given to us by nature, each in its own season. We were taught to offer thanks to everyone, who brought the meals to our table, including the forces of nature, the farmers, the truck drivers, the fishermen and the workers at food stores. Our mothers utilized every part of the ingredients and instructed us not to waste food. Our foods were not necessarily cheap, but were always the highest quality that the household could afford. And the food was always safe to consume. Mothers repeated these five teachings at each meal time to make sure that we were properly satisfied and nourished. Unfortunately, today in Japan highly processed, chemically laden foods are as ubiquitous as in the US. The teachings of the monks and the food practices of my youth should be brought back again to the Japanese as well.

By introducing and practicing in our lives the spirit of Shojin Ryhori that I have described, we can change our attitude towards why we eat, how we eat, what we eat and how to prepare. Here are a few more valuable concepts to add to our practice to complete and complement the spirit of Shojin Ryori.