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This is the third Kyushu tour to be offered and conducted by Hiroko; This exclusive tour takes place in Kyushu, one of the most fascinating and important regions of Japan in matters of cuisine, foreign influence and history and geology. If you have been to Japan previously and perhaps experienced Tokyo and Kyoto, you will find the Kyushu experience enlightening, fascinating and, above all, enjoyable. If this is your first time in Japan, Kyushu provide the best historical and cultural introduction to the country.


This is one of many of such reviews from the attendees of KYUSHU PREMIUM 2019.

This trip exceeded all of our expectations!  We most enjoyed going to the mountainous and rural areas of Kyushu.  We were happy to be where most tourists don’t go.  You introduced us not only to great Japanese cuisine in so many forms, but also to the Japanese people and their culture.  It was a bonus to hike and to be close to nature on many of our outings.  You have a special way of being organized and keeping the schedule, while allowing everyone to enjoy the experiences.  Kyushu Premium was a trip of a lifetime! A&G


KYUSHU ‘PREMIUM’ is available to a small group tour of up to 10 people.  The tour offers you the richest experiences in all aspects of Kyushu – activities, dining, accommodations and human contacts with the locals. Hiroko’s well researched knowledge and relationships in the region introduces the region and entertains all of your five senses throughout the experience.  Today traveling in a foreign country, such as Japan, has become a lot easier with advanced technology, but KYUSHU PREMIUM explores areas that are not accessible to technology alone.  It is all about the human relationships Hiroko has cultivated that makes KYUSHU PREMIUM so unique, memorable and enjoyable.


Please review the itinerary described in the accompanying document.  Tariff and Application Form information will be available in late January, 20

Please review the itinerary described in this link;  Please contact me for further with questions, Tariff and Application Form information.