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Hiroko’s American Kitchen: Cooking with Japanese Flavors was selected by the prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals as the winner of the 2013 Best American Cookbook award. Bill Daley of the Chicago Tribune praised the book, noting that “Food authenticity lies in the tongue of the beholder, or so Japanese-born, U.S.-based Hiroko Shimbo would have it in her new book, which combines American ingredients with readily available Japanese seasonings and products. At the book’s core: Six easy sauces that give 125 modern recipes authentic taste. Don’t balk at making them. These sauces will transform such all-American ingredients as corn on the cob into something more intriguing — and truly Japanese in flavor.”

Fine Cooking Magazine also commented: “With this brilliant recipe collection, award-winning cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo demonstrates how easy it can be to bring Japanese cooking to the American table. A few key Japanese ingredients plus your usual supermarket items and you’re ready to go. The secret is Shimbo’s sauce-based approach. All 125 recipes in the book are built upon six easy-to-make core stocks and sauces. While respectful of tradition, Shimbo embraces Western ingredients, and her recipes range from authentic sukiyaki, gyoza, and braised daikon to modern hybrids like Spicy Miso Chicken Wings, Succulent Pork Ribs, and Tempura Fish and Chips, in which Japanese flavors deliciously pair with American favorites.”

Hiroko’s American Kitchen is for every cook and the results are for every diner, every day. You can easily prepare and enjoy the delicious world of Japanese flavors at your home today.

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